Improving Communications With the bq76PL536

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/11/2010


The bq76PL536 is designed to communicate at high speed in noisy conditions present in automotive and industrial large-format battery applications. This document presents specific steps to maximize the integrity of communications with the bq76PL536 and reduce susceptibility to noise to a minimum thereby reducing the bit-error rate to an acceptable level.


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ76PL536PAPR BQ76PL536PAPR Buy Datasheet
BQ76PL536PAPT BQ76PL536PAPT Buy Datasheet
BQ76PL536TPAPRQ1 BQ76PL536TPAPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
BQ76PL536TPAPTQ1 BQ76PL536TPAPTQ1 Buy Datasheet