Implementing An Ultralow-Power Thermostat With Slope A/D Conversion (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 01/30/2006


This application note describes slope A/D measurement of a resistance and the ease with which it can be implemented with the MSP430. To demonstrate this technique, two examples of ultra low power ther


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430F1111AIDGV MSP430F1111AIDGV Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1111AIDGVR MSP430F1111AIDGVR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1111AIDW MSP430F1111AIDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1111AIPW MSP430F1111AIPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1111AIPWR MSP430F1111AIPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1111AIRGER MSP430F1111AIRGER Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1111AIRGET MSP430F1111AIRGET Buy Datasheet
MSP430F413IPM MSP430F413IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430F413IPMR MSP430F413IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F413IRTD MSP430F413IRTD Buy Datasheet
MSP430F413IRTDT MSP430F413IRTDT Buy Datasheet