Implementation of Programmer for Serial Bootloaders on TM4C12x Microcontroller

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 11/19/2015


This application report demonstrates how a programmer can be implemented by using the EKTM4C123GXL LaunchPad to communicate with the serial bootloader (SBL) over UART, I2C or SSI serial peripherals of


Part Number Name Companion Part
TM4C1230E6PMI7 TM4C1230E6PMI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1231C3PMI7R TM4C1231C3PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C1231H6PGEI7 TM4C1231H6PGEI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1232C3PMI7R TM4C1232C3PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123BH6PGEI7 TM4C123BH6PGEI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123BH6PGEI7R TM4C123BH6PGEI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123BH6PMI7R TM4C123BH6PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123FE6PMI7R TM4C123FE6PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123FH6PMI7 TM4C123FH6PMI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GE6PMI7 TM4C123GE6PMI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GE6PZT7R TM4C123GE6PZT7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGEI7 TM4C123GH6PGEI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGEI7R TM4C123GH6PGEI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGET7 TM4C123GH6PGET7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGET7R TM4C123GH6PGET7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PMT7 TM4C123GH6PMT7 Buy Datasheet