Going to Production With the bq27505

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/17/2009


This application report presents a strategy for high-speed and economical calibration and production programming of the bq27505 single-cell, gas gauge chipsets. Flowchart examples are provided, along


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ27505YZGR-J3 BQ27505YZGR-J3 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGR-J5 BQ27505YZGR-J5 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGT-J2 BQ27505YZGT-J2 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGT-J3 BQ27505YZGT-J3 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGT-J4 BQ27505YZGT-J4 Buy Datasheet
BQ27505YZGT-J5 BQ27505YZGT-J5 Buy Datasheet