Energy Measurement Results for TI Designed Meter Using MSP430AFE2xx Devices

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 07/30/2012


This application report describes the results obtained on a single phase electronic electricity meter using the Texas Instruments MSP430AFE2xx metering processors. These tests are indicative of the pe


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430AFE221IPWR MSP430AFE221IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE222IPWR MSP430AFE222IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE223IPWR MSP430AFE223IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE231IPW MSP430AFE231IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE232IPWR MSP430AFE232IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE233IPW MSP430AFE233IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE251IPW MSP430AFE251IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE252IPW MSP430AFE252IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE253IPW MSP430AFE253IPW Buy Datasheet