DSP Solution for AC Induction Motor

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 01/01/1996


The Motor Control industry is a strong aggressive sector. Each industry to remain competitive, must reduce costs but also has to answer to power consumption reduction and EMI radiation reduction iss


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320C240PQ TMS320C240PQ Datasheet
TMS320C242PGA TMS320C242PGA Datasheet
TMS320C242PGS TMS320C242PGS Datasheet
TMS320F240PQ TMS320F240PQ Buy Datasheet
TMS320F240PQA TMS320F240PQA Buy Datasheet
TMS320F240PQS TMS320F240PQS Buy Datasheet
TMS320F241FN TMS320F241FN Buy Datasheet
TMS320F241FNA TMS320F241FNA Buy Datasheet
TMS320F241FNS TMS320F241FNS Buy Datasheet
TMS320F241PG TMS320F241PG Buy Datasheet
TMS320F241PGA TMS320F241PGA Buy Datasheet
TMS320F241PGAG4 TMS320F241PGAG4 Datasheet
TMS320F241PGS TMS320F241PGS Buy Datasheet
TMS320F243PGE TMS320F243PGE Buy Datasheet
TMS320F243PGEA TMS320F243PGEA Buy Datasheet
TMS320F243PGES TMS320F243PGES Datasheet
TMS320LF2402PGA TMS320LF2402PGA Buy Datasheet
TMS320LF2402PGS TMS320LF2402PGS Buy Datasheet
TMS320LF2406PZA TMS320LF2406PZA Buy Datasheet
TMS320LF2406PZS TMS320LF2406PZS Buy Datasheet
TMS320LF2407PGEA TMS320LF2407PGEA Datasheet
TMS320LF2407PGES TMS320LF2407PGES Buy Datasheet
TMX320LF2407APGE TMX320LF2407APGE Datasheet