DN-68 Paralleling UCC3912 Electronic Circuit Breaker ICs

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 09/05/1999


The UCC3912 IC is an integrated 3A electronic circuit breaker that includes programmable overcurrent protection and retry timing following a fault. Other common uses for this function are in higher cu


Part Number Name Companion Part
UCC3912DP UCC3912DP Buy Datasheet
UCC3912DPG4 UCC3912DPG4 Buy Datasheet
UCC3912DPTR UCC3912DPTR Buy Datasheet
UCC3912PWP UCC3912PWP Buy Datasheet
UCC3912PWPG4 UCC3912PWPG4 Buy Datasheet
UCC3912PWPTR UCC3912PWPTR Buy Datasheet
UCC3912PWPTRG4 UCC3912PWPTRG4 Buy Datasheet