Digitally Programmable, Time-Continuous Active Filter

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 09/27/2000


Programmable active filters have increased in popularity over the past decade. With the advent of switched capacitor topologies, filter parameters such as the natural frequency and filter Q can be cha


Part Number Name Companion Part
OPA627AU OPA627AU Buy Datasheet
OPA627AU/2K5E4 OPA627AU/2K5E4 Buy Datasheet
OPA627AUE4 OPA627AUE4 Buy Datasheet
OPA627AUG4 OPA627AUG4 Buy Datasheet
OPA627BP OPA627BP Buy Datasheet
OPA627BPG4 OPA627BPG4 Buy Datasheet
UAF42AP UAF42AP Buy Datasheet
UAF42AP-1 UAF42AP-1 Datasheet
UAF42APG4 UAF42APG4 Buy Datasheet
UAF42AU UAF42AU Buy Datasheet
UAF42AU-1 UAF42AU-1 Datasheet
UAF42AUE4 UAF42AUE4 Buy Datasheet