Digital FIR Filter Design Using the MSP430F16x

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 11/30/2004


This application report describes an FIR filter implementation using the MSP430F16x and the MSP430F161x family devices. The complete filter algorithm is executed by the 3-channel DMA peripheral and th


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430F1610IPM MSP430F1610IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1610IPMR MSP430F1610IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1610IRTD MSP430F1610IRTD Datasheet
MSP430F1611IPMR MSP430F1611IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1611IRTD MSP430F1611IRTD Datasheet
MSP430F1612IPM MSP430F1612IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1612IPMR MSP430F1612IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1612IRTD MSP430F1612IRTD Datasheet
MSP430F1612IRTDR MSP430F1612IRTDR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1612IRTDT MSP430F1612IRTDT Buy Datasheet
MSP430F167IPM MSP430F167IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430F167IPMR MSP430F167IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F167IRTDR MSP430F167IRTDR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F168IPM MSP430F168IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430F168IPMR MSP430F168IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F168IRTDR MSP430F168IRTDR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F168IRTDT MSP430F168IRTDT Buy Datasheet
MSP430F169IPM MSP430F169IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430F169IPMR MSP430F169IPMR Buy Datasheet