Developing Plug and Play COM Ports Using TI Plug and Play Controllers

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 01/01/1997


The installation and configuration of a system can be a major problem for the user, as a result of the wide variety of different plug-in boards and computer systems which are in use. The ISA (Industry


Part Number Name Companion Part
TL16PNP100AFN TL16PNP100AFN Buy Datasheet
TL16PNP100AFNR TL16PNP100AFNR Buy Datasheet
TL16PNP100APT TL16PNP100APT Buy Datasheet
TL16PNP550AFN TL16PNP550AFN Buy Datasheet
TL16PNP550AFNR TL16PNP550AFNR Buy Datasheet