Developing Plug and Play COM Ports Using TI Plug and Play Controllers

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 01/01/1997


The installation and configuration of a system can be a major problem for the user as a result of the wide variety of different plug-in boards and computer systems which are in use. The ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) bus is a widely used standard in the PC industry. The ISA bus architecture requires the allocation of resources. These include the I/O address space a memory address space th


Part Number Name Companion Part
TL16PNP100AFN TL16PNP100AFN Buy Datasheet
TL16PNP100AFNR TL16PNP100AFNR Buy Datasheet
TL16PNP100APT TL16PNP100APT Buy Datasheet
TL16PNP550AFN TL16PNP550AFN Buy Datasheet
TL16PNP550AFNR TL16PNP550AFNR Buy Datasheet