Determining the Values to Program the bq26500/bq26501 EEPROM

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 06/17/2004


Customers can program ten EEPROM registers to optimize the ability of the bq26500/bq26501 to monitor the battery capacity of a given group or type of Li-ion pack cells. This document explains how to obtain the values to be programmed in EEPROM by using information known by the pack/system designers and manufacturers and data collected from packs. HP34401A multimeters and a test setup that includes


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ26500PW BQ26500PW Buy Datasheet
BQ26500PWR BQ26500PWR Buy Datasheet
BQ26500PWRG4 BQ26500PWRG4 Buy Datasheet
BQ26501PW BQ26501PW Buy Datasheet
BQ26501PWR BQ26501PWR Buy Datasheet
BQ26501PWRG4 BQ26501PWRG4 Buy Datasheet