Determining the Values to Program the bq26500/bq26501 EEPROM

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 06/17/2004


Customers can program ten EEPROM registers to optimize the ability of the bq26500/bq26501 to monitor the battery capacity of a given group or type of Li-ion pack cells. This document explains how to o


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ26500PW BQ26500PW Buy Datasheet
BQ26500PWR BQ26500PWR Buy Datasheet
BQ26500PWRG4 BQ26500PWRG4 Buy Datasheet
BQ26501PW BQ26501PW Buy Datasheet
BQ26501PWR BQ26501PWR Buy Datasheet
BQ26501PWRG4 BQ26501PWRG4 Buy Datasheet