Design 3: Configuring the bq20z80 Data Flash

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 11/10/2005


This application report presents the data flash constants for configuring the bq20z80 Smart Battery System (SBS)-compliant gas gauge device. A brief explanation of each option for the various features


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ20Z80ADBT-V110G4 BQ20Z80ADBT-V110G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ20Z80ADBTR-V110 BQ20Z80ADBTR-V110 Buy Datasheet
BQ20Z80DBT BQ20Z80DBT Buy Datasheet
BQ20Z80DBT-V101 BQ20Z80DBT-V101 Buy Datasheet
BQ20Z80DBT-V101G4 BQ20Z80DBT-V101G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ20Z80DBT-V102 BQ20Z80DBT-V102 Buy Datasheet
BQ20Z80DBTR-V102 BQ20Z80DBTR-V102 Buy Datasheet
BQ20Z80DBTR-V102G4 BQ20Z80DBTR-V102G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ20Z80DBTR-V110 BQ20Z80DBTR-V110 Buy Datasheet
BQ20ZDBTR-V102G4 BQ20ZDBTR-V102G4 Buy Datasheet