Customizing your TPS6510x/TPS6514X

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 06/22/2004


This application report shows how to use external circuitry to boost the output voltage capability of the positive and negative charge pumps of the TPS6510x and TPS6514x triple output power supplies. In addition the report shows how to use external circuitry to modify the internally controlled sequencing implement sequencing delay and short circuit protection.


Part Number Name Companion Part
TPS65100PWP TPS65100PWP Buy Datasheet
TPS65100PWPG4 TPS65100PWPG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS65100PWPR TPS65100PWPR Buy Datasheet
TPS65100PWPRG4 TPS65100PWPRG4 Datasheet
TPS65100RGER TPS65100RGER Buy Datasheet
TPS65105PWP TPS65105PWP Buy Datasheet
TPS65105PWPG4 TPS65105PWPG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS65105PWPR TPS65105PWPR Buy Datasheet
TPS65105RGER TPS65105RGER Buy Datasheet
TPS65105RGERG4 TPS65105RGERG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS65140PWP TPS65140PWP Buy Datasheet
TPS65140PWPG4 TPS65140PWPG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS65140PWPR TPS65140PWPR Buy Datasheet
TPS65140RGER TPS65140RGER Buy Datasheet
TPS65145PWP TPS65145PWP Buy Datasheet
TPS65145PWPG4 TPS65145PWPG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS65145PWPR TPS65145PWPR Buy Datasheet
TPS65145PWPRG4 TPS65145PWPRG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS65145RGER TPS65145RGER Buy Datasheet