Controlling the DCO Frequency of the MSP430x11x

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 04/12/2000


The Basic Clock Module of the MSP430x11x family allows the CPU and on-chip peripherals to be supplied with a clock generated by an internal RC-type digitally-controlled oscillator (DCO) without the ne


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430F110AIDW MSP430F110AIDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110AIDWR MSP430F110AIDWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110AIPW MSP430F110AIPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110AIPWR MSP430F110AIPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110IDW MSP430F110IDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110IDWR MSP430F110IDWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110IPWR MSP430F110IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112AIDW MSP430F112AIDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112AIPW MSP430F112AIPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112IDW MSP430F112IDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112IPW MSP430F112IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112IPWR MSP430F112IPWR Buy Datasheet