Controlling 96 LEDs With LED171596A

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 02 Mar 2018


The LED171596A is an LED matrix driver that can individually control up to 96 LEDs. To control the 96 LEDs it uses four high-side PMOS switches and 24 low-side programmable current sinks. The driver has 9-bit duty cycle and 8-bit current control of each low side LED current sink. They can be individually controlled through the I2C-compatible or SPI interface. The individual LED brightness is internally multiplied with a global brightness-register value. This allows the control of all the LEDs at once with a single register or PWM input signal. This global brightness also passes through a brightness sloper function to create optically smooth brightness transitions without the need for multiple register writes.


Part Number Name Companion Part
LED171596ARSLR LED171596ARSLR Buy Datasheet