Composite Op Amp Gives You The Best of Both Worlds

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 09/27/2000


Classical op amps such as the OPA627 have excellent performance in applications where the required gain bandwidth is low compared to the gain-bandwidth product of the op amp. However, increasing close


Part Number Name Companion Part
OPA603AP OPA603AP Buy Datasheet
OPA603AU OPA603AU Buy Datasheet
OPA603AU/1K OPA603AU/1K Datasheet
OPA627AU OPA627AU Buy Datasheet
OPA627AU/2K5E4 OPA627AU/2K5E4 Buy Datasheet
OPA627AUE4 OPA627AUE4 Buy Datasheet
OPA627AUG4 OPA627AUG4 Buy Datasheet
OPA627BP OPA627BP Buy Datasheet
OPA627BPG4 OPA627BPG4 Buy Datasheet
OPA637AM2 OPA637AM2 Datasheet
OPA637AUE4 OPA637AUE4 Buy Datasheet
OPA637AUG4 OPA637AUG4 Buy Datasheet
OPA637BM OPA637BM Buy Datasheet