Clamshell Phone w/OLED/LCD Screen Using the TPS61140 Dial Output Boost Regulator

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 07/06/2006


The TPS61140/1 is a dual output boost converter providing regulated voltage and current output with one boost converter. The reference design and application example shown in this document can be used


Part Number Name Companion Part
TPS61140DRCR TPS61140DRCR Buy Datasheet
TPS61140DRCRG4 TPS61140DRCRG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS61140DRCT TPS61140DRCT Buy Datasheet
TPS61140DRCTG4 TPS61140DRCTG4 Buy Datasheet
TPS61141DRCR TPS61141DRCR Buy Datasheet
TPS61141DRCRG4 TPS61141DRCRG4 Buy Datasheet