Cell-Balancing in the bq208x Advanced Gas Gauge Solutions

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 03/17/2004


Serial connection of cells in a battery pack can result in reduced-capacity performance if some of the cells have different capacity or charge levels. The problem is that during charging or discharging of the pack individual cell differences lead to different voltages ineach cell. Since the charger monitors only the summary voltage some cells can be undercharged and others overcharged. Underch


Part Number Name Companion Part
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BQ29311PW BQ29311PW Buy Datasheet
BQ29311PWG4 BQ29311PWG4 Buy Datasheet
BQ29311PWR BQ29311PWR Buy Datasheet
BQ29311PWRG4 BQ29311PWRG4 Buy Datasheet
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