CC2538/CC26xx Bootloader Interface (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 05/21/2015


This application report provides a brief overview on the serial bootloader that resides in ROM on the CC2538 and CC13xx/CC26xx devices. This document shows how the bootloader protocol can be used to perform basic operations like erasing and programming the flash of the devices. The device bootloaders support universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) as the protocol transportation layer. The example project is created in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Express 2010 and utilizes a library called Serial Bootloader Library to demonstrate an implementation of the serial bootloader protocol on Windows.


Part Number Name Companion Part
CC1310F32RGZT CC1310F32RGZT Buy Datasheet
CC2538NF23RTQR CC2538NF23RTQR Buy Datasheet
CC2538SF23RTQR CC2538SF23RTQR Buy Datasheet
CC2630F128RGZT CC2630F128RGZT Buy Datasheet
CC2630F128RSMT CC2630F128RSMT Buy Datasheet