C2000 Memory Power-On Self-Test (M-POST)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 02 Oct 2018


This application report discusses the Memory Power-On Self-Test (M-POST) feature available in select series of C2000 real-time controllers. The M-POST architecture enables parallel testing of multiple memories to reduce test time and is used for power-on testing of the memories on-chip.

C2000 devices are powerful 32-bit floating-point microcontroller units (MCU) designed for advanced closed-loop control applications such as motor control and power conversion control in industrial drives and automation, industrial power, solar, and electrical vehicle applications. In addition to the strong control performance offered by the MCU, it supports a host of functional safety features to support customers to design and certify their functionally safe systems. Memory Power-On Self-Test (M-POST) is an important enabler to test the device SRAMs and ROMs during device start-up. Based on customer one-time programmable (OTP) configurations, the test is executed automatically with the help of on-chip hardware during boot-up. When the test is executed, multiple memories are tested in parallel to reduce the impact on boot-time.


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