bq2083, bq2084, and bq2085 Calibration Procedure (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 09/15/2004


This application report describes the optional calibration of the offsets, voltage, temperature, current, and coulomb counter in the bq2083, bq2084, and bq2085 advanced gas gauge devices. Addtional pr


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ2083DBT-V1P3 BQ2083DBT-V1P3 Buy Datasheet
BQ2083DBTR-V1P3 BQ2083DBTR-V1P3 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084DBTR-V140 BQ2084DBTR-V140 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084DBTR-V140G4 BQ2084DBTR-V140G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084RTTT-V140 BQ2084RTTT-V140 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084RTTT-V140G4 BQ2084RTTT-V140G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ2085DBT BQ2085DBT Buy Datasheet
BQ2085DBTR-V1P3 BQ2085DBTR-V1P3 Buy Datasheet
BQ2085DBTR-V1P3G4 BQ2085DBTR-V1P3G4 Buy Datasheet