Audio Echo on the DM642 EVM

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 08/31/2003


The software demonstrates an audio loopback example on the DM642 EVM, with programmable echo added to the input signal. The demonstration creates and primes the audio I/O streams, initializes the echo


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320DM642AGDK6 TMS320DM642AGDK6 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM642AGNZ6 TMS320DM642AGNZ6 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM642AGNZA6 TMS320DM642AGNZA6 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM642AZNZ5 TMS320DM642AZNZ5 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM642AZNZA6 TMS320DM642AZNZA6 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM642GDKA500 TMS320DM642GDKA500 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM642GNZ500 TMS320DM642GNZ500 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM642GNZA500 TMS320DM642GNZA500 Buy Datasheet