AN-1681 Design Migration from the LM1881 to the LMH1980 (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 05/03/2013


The LMH1980 is a SD/HD/PC video sync separator intended to replace the LM1881 sync separator in consumer, security and surveillance, and industrial video applications where high-definition compatibil


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM1881M LM1881M Buy Datasheet
LM1881M/NOPB LM1881M/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM1881MX/NOPB LM1881MX/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM1881N/NOPB LM1881N/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LMH1980MMX/NOPB LMH1980MMX/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LMH1981MTX/NOPB LMH1981MTX/NOPB Buy Datasheet