AN-1509 PhyterDual Flexible Port Switching (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 04/26/2013


Texas Instruments flexible port switching offers an unprecedented number of ways for system designers to develop solutions that address specific application needs with the minimum number of component


Part Number Name Companion Part
DP83849CVS/NOPB DP83849CVS/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DP83849CVSX/NOPB DP83849CVSX/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DP83849IDVS/NOPB DP83849IDVS/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DP83849IDVSX/NOPB DP83849IDVSX/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DP83849IFVS/NOPB DP83849IFVS/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DP83849IFVSX/NOPB DP83849IFVSX/NOPB Buy Datasheet
DP83849IVSX/NOPB DP83849IVSX/NOPB Buy Datasheet