AN-1082 Adjust or Synchronize LM2586/88 Switching Frequency (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 04/23/2013


Switching frequency is a very important parameter in switching power converters. As the switching frequency increases, the physical size of magnetic elements and other components in the circuit reduc


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM2585SX-ADJ/NOPB LM2585SX-ADJ/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM2585T-12/NOPB LM2585T-12/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM2586S-12/NOPB LM2586S-12/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM2586S-ADJ/NOPB LM2586S-ADJ/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM2587S-5.0 LM2587S-5.0 Buy Datasheet
LM2587SX-ADJ/NOPB LM2587SX-ADJ/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM2588S-5.0/NOPB LM2588S-5.0/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM2588S-ADJ LM2588S-ADJ Buy Datasheet
LM2588SX-ADJ/NOPB LM2588SX-ADJ/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM2596SX-ADJ/NOPB LM2596SX-ADJ/NOPB Buy Datasheet
LM2596T-5.0/LF03 LM2596T-5.0/LF03 Buy Datasheet
LM2596T-ADJ LM2596T-ADJ Buy Datasheet
LM2596T-ADJ/LB05 LM2596T-ADJ/LB05 Buy Datasheet
LM2596T-ADJ/NOPB LM2596T-ADJ/NOPB Buy Datasheet