AFE5832LP and AFE5832 Ultrasound AFE for Ultra-Portable Applications

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 04 Jan 2019


In the past several years, multiple digital and wireless ultrasound probes have been introduced to physicians as vision-enhanced stethoscopes, which may someday replace the traditional 150-year-old stethoscope. GE’s Vscan, Siemens’ Freestyle, SonoSite's iViz and Philips’ Lumilify are among the first wave of ultra-portable probes for physicians and rural villages. Ultrasound imaging may be the only modern imaging modality choice for rural areas because of its cost-effectiveness and portability. It is exciting to TIers to innovate and deliver solutions to serve people who may have never been served by modern medicine.

Further reducing power requirements and increasing image quality demands high channel count and low power ICs. The AFE5832LP and AFE5832 devices are designed to address these needs. The AFE5832 is industry’s first 32-CH analog front-end (AFE) solution, and the AFE5832LP is its lower power version. Both devices are pin-to-pin compatible. The AFE5832LP achieves power consumption of < 20 mW/CH, which is approximately 6× lower than the power consumption of the AFE5818 and AFE5808 devices in traditional console systems.


Part Number Name Companion Part
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