Analog Devices Inc.

Series: LT3094

Part Number: LT3094EMSE#PBF


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Farnell LT3094EMSE#PBF 199 * $8.29 Buy
element14 APAC LT3094EMSE#PBF 121 * $8.54 Buy
Newark LT3094EMSE#PBF 137 $8.42 Buy
Analog Devices Inc LT3094EMSE#PBF $8.50 Buy

20V, 500mA, Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR Negative Linear Regulator Features: Ultralow RMS Noise: 0.8µVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz) Ultralow Spot Noise: 2.2nV/√Hz at 10kHz Ultrahigh PSRR: 74dB at 1MHz Output Current: 500mA Wide Input Voltage Range: –1.8V to –20V Single Capacitor Improves Noise and PSRR 100µA SET Pin Current: ±1% Initial Accuracy Single Resistor Programs Output Voltage Programmable Current Limit Low Dropout Voltage: 235mV Output Voltage Range: 0V to –19.5V Programmable Power Good and Fast Start-Up Bipolar Precision Enable/UVLO Pin VIOC Pin Controls Upstream Regulator to Minimize Power Dissipation and Optimize PSRR Minimum Output Capacitor: 10µF Ceramic 12-Lead MSOP and 3mm × 3mm DFN Packages


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
CN0577 Analog Devices Inc. CN0577