Analog Devices Inc.

Series: ADF5904

Part Number: ADF5904WCCPZ-RL7


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DigiKey ADF5904WCCPZ-RL7-ND 0 $30.45 Buy
Mouser Electronics 584-ADF5904WCCPZ-RL7 0 $33.04 Buy
Analog Devices Inc ADF5904WCCPZ-RL7 $48.46 Buy
Win Source ADF5904WCCPZ-RL7 8020 $50.54 Buy

4-Channel, 24 GHz, Receiver Downconverter Features: Integrated baluns for single-ended receiver (Rx) inputs and local oscillator (LO) input Rx channel gain: 22 dB Noise figure (NF): 10 dB P1dB: −10 dBm LO input range: −8 dBm to +5 dBm Rx to IF isolation: 30 dB RF signal bandwidth: 250 MHz Rx output impedance: 900 Ω differential LO input buffer: 24 GHz RF and LO S11 at 50 Ω: −5 dB Temperature sensor with analog output: ±5° Electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance Human body model (HBM): 2000 V Charged device model (CDM): 500 V Qualified for automotive applications