Analog Devices Inc.

Series: ADCMP581

Part Number: ADCMP581BCPZ-RL7


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Analog Devices Inc ADCMP581BCPZ-RL7 $21.83 Buy

Ultrafast SiGe Voltage Comparator (Featuring Reduced Swing NECL Output Drivers) Features: 180 ps propagation delay 25 ps overdrive and slew rate dispersion 8 GHz equivalent input rise time bandwidth 100 ps minimum pulse width 37 ps typical output rise/fall 10 ps deterministic jitter (DJ) 200 fs random jitter (RJ) −2 V to +3 V input range with +5 V/−5 V supplies On-chip terminations at both input pins Resistor-programmable hysteresis Differential latch control Power supply rejection > 70 dB