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The ADG901/ADG902 are wideband switches that use a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process to provide high isolation and low insertion loss to 1 GHz. The ADG901 is an absorptive (matched) switch with 50 ? terminated shunt legs, while the ADG902 is a reflective switch. These devices are designed such that the isolation is high over the dc to 1 GHz frequency range. These switches enable the user to pass dc signals up to 0.5 V without the use of a dc blocking capacitor. They have on-board CMOS control logic, thus eliminating the need for external controlling circuitry. The control inputs are both CMOS and LVTTL compatible. The low power consumption of these CMOS devices makes them ideally suited to wireless applications and general-purpose high frequency switching.Product Highlights 40 dB Off Isolation at 1 GHz 0.8 dB Insertion Loss at 1 GHz 17 dBm P1dB at 1 GHzApplications Wireless communications General purpose RF switching Dual-band applications High speed filter selection Digital transceiver front-end switch IF switching Tuner modules Antenna diversity switching list


Part number: EVAL-ADG901EBZ

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