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The ADE7753 features proprietary ADCs and DSP for highaccuracy over large variations in environmental conditions andtime. The ADE7753 incorporates two second-order 16-bit ?-?ADCs, a digital integrator (on CH1), reference circuitry,temperature sensor, and all the signal processing required toperform active, reactive, and apparent energy measurements,line-voltage period measurement, and rms calculation on thevoltage and current. The selectable on-chip digital integratorprovides direct interface to di/dt current sensors such asRogowski coils, eliminating the need for an external analogintegrator and resulting in excellent long-term stability and precisephase matching between the current and voltage channels.The ADE7753 provides a serial interface to read data, and apulse output frequency (CF), which is proportional to the activepower. Various system calibration features, i.e., channel offsetcorrection, phase calibration, and power calibration, ensurehigh accuracy. The part also detects short duration low or highvoltage variations.The positive-only accumulation mode gives the option toaccumulate energy only when positive power is detected. Aninternal no-load threshold ensures that the part does not exhibitany creep when there is no load. The zero-crossing output (ZX)produces a pulse that is synchronized to the zero-crossing pointof the line voltage. This signal is used internally in the line cycleactive and apparent energy accumulation modes, which enables faster calibration.The interrupt status register indicates the nature of the interrupt,and the interrupt enable register controls which event producesan output on the IRQ pin, an open-drain, active low logic output.The ADE7753 is available in a 20-lead SSOP package.NOTE: For polyphase system designs, the ADE7758 is recommended.


Part number: EVAL-ADE7753ZEB

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