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The ADCMP606 and ADCMP607 are very fast comparatorsfabricated on XFCB2, an Analog Devices, Inc., proprietaryprocess. These comparators are exceptionally versatile and easyto use. Features include an input range from VEE ? 0.5 V toVCCI + 0.2 V, low noise, CML-compatible output drivers, andTTL-/CMOS-compatible latch inputs with adjustable hysteresisand/or shutdown inputs.The devices offer 1.25 ns propagation delay with 2.5 ps rmsrandom jitter (RJ). Overdrive and slew rate dispersion aretypically less than 50 ps.A flexible power supply scheme allows the devices to operatewith a single +2.5 V positive supply and a ?0.5 V to +2.7 Vinput signal range up to a +5.5 V positive supply with a ?0.5 Vto +5.7 V input signal range. The ADCMP607 features splitinput/output supplies with no sequencing restrictions tosupport a wide input signal range with independent outputswing control and power savings.The CML-compatible output stage is fully back-matched forsuperior performance. The comparator input stage offers robustprotection against large input overdrive, and the outputs do notphase reverse when the valid input signal range is exceeded. Onthe ADCMP607, latch and programmable hysteresis features arealso provided with a unique single-pin control option.The ADCMP606 is available in a 6-lead SC70 package and theADCMP607 is available in a 12-lead LFCSP package.Applications High speed instrumentation Clock and data signal restoration Logic level shifting or translation Pulse spectroscopy High speed line receivers Threshold detection Peak and zero-crossing detectors High speed trigger circuitry Pulse-width modulators Current-/voltage-controlled oscillators Automatic test equipment (ATE)


Part number: EVAL-ADCMP607BCPZ

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