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The AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 are high performance,24-bit, oversampled SAR analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).The AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 combine the benefits of alarge dynamic range and input bandwidth, consuming 15 mW,10.5 mW, and 8.5 mW power, respectively, and are contained ina 16-lead TSSOP package.Ideal for ultralow power data acquisition (such as PCI- and USBbasedsystems), the AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 provide 24-bitresolution. The combination of exceptional SNR, wide dynamicrange, and outstanding dc accuracy make the AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 ideally suited for measuring small signal changes over awide dynamic range. This is particularly suitable for applicationswhere small changes on the input are measured on larger ac ordc signals. In such an application, the AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 accurately gather both ac and dc information.The AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 include an on-board digitalfilter (complete with linear phase response) that acts to eliminateout-of-band noise by filtering the oversampled input voltage.The oversampled architecture also reduces front-end antialiasrequirements. Other features of the AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2include a SYNC/PD (synchronization/power-down) pin, allowingthe synchronization of multiple AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2devices. The addition of an SDI pin provides the option of daisychaining multiple AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 devices.The AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 operate from a 2.5 V supplyusing a 5 V reference. The devices operate from ?40?C to +105?C. Applications Low power PCI/USB data acquisition systems Low power wireless acquisition systems Vibration analysis Instrumentation High precision medical acquisition


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