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The AD7734 is a high precision, high throughput analog front end. True 16-bit p-p resolution is achievable with a total conversion time of 500 ?s (2 kHz channel switching), making it ideally suitable for high resolution multiplexing applications.The device can be configured via a simple digital interface, which allows users to balance the noise performance against data throughput up to a 15.4 kHz.The analog front end features four single-ended input channels with unipolar or true bipolar input ranges to ?10 V while operating from a single +5 V analog supply. The device has an overrange and underrange detection capability and accepts an analog input overvoltage to ?16.5 V without degrading the performance of the adjacent channels.The differential reference input features ?No-Reference? detect capability. The ADC also supports per channel system calibration options. The digital serial interface can be configured for 3-wire operation and is compatible with microcontrollers and digital signal processors. All interface inputs are Schmitt triggered.The device is specified for operation over the extended industrial temperature range of ?40?C to +105?C.Other devices in the AD7734 family are the AD7732?and the AD7738.The AD7732 is similar to AD7734, but its analog front end features two fully differential input channels.The AD7738 analog front end is configurable for four fully differential or eight single-ended input channels, features 0.625 V to 2.5 V bipolar/unipolar input ranges, and accepts a common-mode input voltage from 200 mV to AVDD?300 mV. The AD7738 multiplexer output is pinned out externally, allowing the user to implement programmable gain or signal conditioning before being applied to the ADC.APPLICATIONS PLCs/DCS Multiplexing applications Process control Industrial instrumentation


Part number: EVAL-AD7734EBZ

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