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The AD5270 /?AD5271 are single-channel, 1024-/256-position digital rheostats that combine industry leading variable resistor performance with nonvolatile memory (NVM) in a compact package.The AD5270 / AD5271 ensure less than 1% end-to-end resistor tolerance error and offer 50-times programmable (50-TP) memory.The guaranteed industry leading low resistor tolerance error feature simplifies open-loop applications as well as precision calibration and tolerance matching applications.The AD5270 / AD5271 device wiper settings are controllable through the SPI digital interface. Unlimited adjustments are allowed before programming the resistance value into the 50-TP memory. The AD5270/AD5271 do not require any external voltage supply to facilitate fuse blow and there are 50 opportunities for permanent programming. During 50-TP activation, a permanent blow fuse command freezes the resistance position (analogous to placing epoxy on a mechanical trimmer).The AD5270 / AD5271 are available in a 3 mm x 3 mm, 10-lead LFCSP package and in a 10-lead MSOP package. The parts are guaranteed to operate over the extended industrial temperature range of ?40?C to +125?C.APPLICATIONS Mechanical potentiometer replacements Op-amp: variable gain control Instrumentation: gain, offset adjustment Programmable voltage-to-current conversions Programmable filters, delays, time constants Programmable power supply Sensor calibration


Part number: EVAL-AD5270SDZ

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