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The HMC7911 is a compact gallium arsenide (GaAs), pseudomorphic(pHEMT), monolithic microwave integrated circuit(MMIC) upconverter in a RoHS compliant, low stress, injectionmolded plastic LFCSP package that operates from 17 GHz to20 GHz. This device provides a small signal conversion gain of18 dB with 30 dBc of sideband rejection. The HMC7911 uses avariable gain amplifier preceded by an in-phase/quadrature (I/Q)mixer that is driven by an active 2? local oscillator (LO) multiplier.IF1 and IF2 mixer inputs are provided, and an external 90? hybridis needed to select the required sideband. The I/Q mixer topologyreduces the need for filtering of the unwanted sideband. TheHMC7911 is a much smaller alternative to hybrid style singlesideband (SSB) upconverter assemblies, and it eliminates theneed for wire bonding by allowing the use of surface-mountmanufacturing techniques.Applications Point to point and point to multipoint radios Military radars, electronic warfare (EW), and electronic intelligence (ELINT) Satellite communications Sensors


Part number: EV1HMC7911LP5

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