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The HMC270AMS8GE are broad-band non-reflectiveGaAs SPDT switches in 8 lead MSOP grounded basesurface mount plastic packages. Covering DC to 8GHz, the switch offers excellent isolation from 70 to35 dB. The negative control voltage of -5 volts allowsoperation down to DC. If positive control is requiredalong with high isolation, see the DC to 3.5 GHzHMC284AMS8GE non-reflective SPDT.APPLICATIONSThe HMC270AMS8GE is ideal for DC - 8.0 GHz applications: CATV MMDS and wireless LAN Wireless local loop


Part number: EV1HMC270AMS8G

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DigiKey 1127-3280-ND 2 $111.38 Buy
Mouser Electronics 584-EV1HMC270AMS8G 1 $141.84 Buy
Arrow North American Components EV1HMC270AMS8G 1 $105.56 Buy
Analog Devices Inc EV1HMC270AMS8G $137.05 Buy
Verical Marketplace EV1HMC270AMS8G 1 $105.56 Buy
Farnell EV1HMC270AMS8G 1 * $123.64 Buy
Newark EV1HMC270AMS8G 3 $111.38 Buy
element14 APAC EV1HMC270AMS8G 2 * $147.93 Buy

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