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The HMC835LP6GE is a low noise, wide band, Fractional-N PLL that features an integrated VCO with a fundamental frequency of 2020 to 4100 MHz, and an integrated VCO Output Divider (divide by 2/4/6/.../60/62) that together enable the HMC835LP6GE to generate frequencies from 33 MHz to 4100 MHz. Integrated Phase Detector (PD) and a deltasigma modulator capable of operating at up to 100 MHz enable wider loop-bandwidths, faster frequency changes along with excellent spectral performance.Two independent RF outputs, with independent gain control, enable the HMC835LP6GE to distribute identical frequency and phase signals to multiple destinations, at optimal signal levels tailored to each output.External VCO input, allows the HMC835LP6GE to lock external VCOs, and enables cascaded LO architectures for MIMO radio applications. Two separate Charge Pump (CP) outputs enable separate loop filters optimized for both integrated and external VCOs, and seamless switching between integrated or external VCOs during operation. Programmable RF output phase feature can further phase adjust and synchronize multiple HMC835LP6GEs enabling scalable MIMO and beam-forming radio architectures.Additional features include configurable output mute function that mutes RF outputs during frequency changes, Exact Frequency Mode that enables the HMC835LP6GE to generate fractional frequencies with 0 Hz frequency error, and the ability to synchronously change frequencies without changing the phase of the output signal.Applications MIMO Radio Architectures Cellular Infrastructure Cellular backhaul Communications Test Equipment CATV Equipment Phased Array Applications? DDS Replacement


Part number: EKIT01-HMC835LP6G

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