The LT6402-6 is a low distortion, low noise differential amplier/ADC driver for use in applications from DC to 300MHz. The LT6402-6 has been designed for ease of use, with minimal support circuitry required. Exceptionally low input-referred noise and low distortion (with either single-ended or differential inputs) make the LT6402-6 an excellent solution for driving high speed 12-bit and 14-bit ADCs. In addition to the normal unfiltered outputs (+OUT and ?OUT), the LT6402-6 has a built-in 75MHz differential low pass filter and an additional pair of filtered outputs (+OUTFILTERED, ?OUTFILTERED) to reduce external filtering components when driving high speed ADCs. The output common mode voltage is easily set via the VOCM pin, eliminating an output transformer or AC-coupling capacitors in many applications.The LT6402-6 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of communications transceiver applications. It can be used as a differential ADC driver, a general-purpose differential gain block, or in other applications requiring differential drive. The LT6402-6 can be used in data acquisition systems required to function at frequencies down to DC.The LT6402-6 operates on a 5V supply and consumes 30mA. It comes in a compact 16-lead 3mm ? 3mm QFN package and operates over a ?40?C to 85?C temperature range.Applications Differential ADC Driver for: Imaging Communications Differential Driver/Receiver Single Ended to Differential Conversion Differential to Single Ended Conversion Level Shifting IF Sampling Receivers SAW Filter Interfacing/Buffering


Part number: DC954A-A

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