The LT3088 is an 800mA low dropout linear regulator designed for rugged industrial applications. A key feature of the IC is the extended safe operating area (SOA). The LT3088 can be paralleled for higher output current or heat spreading. The device withstands reverse input and reverse output-to-input voltages without reverse current flow.The LT3088?s precision 50?A reference current source allows a single resistor to program output voltage to any level between zero and 34.5V. The current reference architecture makes load regulation independent of output voltage. The LT3088 is stable with or without input and output capacitors.Internal protection circuitry includes reverse-battery and reverse-current protection, current limiting and thermal limiting. The LT3088 is offered in the 3-lead SOT-223, 3-lead DD-Pak, and an 8-lead 3mm ? 3mm DFN package.Applications All Surface Mount Power Supply Rugged Industrial Power Supply Post Regulator for Switching Supplies Low Output Voltage Supply Intrinsic Safety Applications


Part number: DC2279A

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