The ADuCM4050WL EZ-KIT® from Analog Devices, Inc. is an evaluation system for the ADuCM4050 processor

Analog Devices Inc.


The ADuCM4050WL EZ-KIT® and ADuCM4050LF EZ-KIT®, Analog Devices, Inc. are an evaluation system for the ADuCM4050 MCU, for the WLCSP and LFCSP packages respectively. The ADuCM4050 processor is an ultra low-power integrated mixed-signal microcontroller system for processing, control and connectivity. The MCU system is based on the ARM Cortex-M4F processor. The MCU also has a collection of digital peripherals, embedded SRAM and flash memory, and an analog subsystem which provides clocking, reset, and power management capability in addition to an ADC subsystem. The EZ-KIT contains an array of three connectors that support the ADF7xxx Wireless Transceiver series of daughterboard products. Refer to ADF7xxx Wireless Transceiver Daughterboard Interface for more information. The EZ-KIT contains Expansion Interface 3 (EI3) and Arduino interfaces. These interfaces provide connections for daughterboards to expand the functionality of the EZ-KIT. Refer to Expansion Interface 3 and Arduino Interface for more information. The evaluation board is designed to be used with with the IAR, Keil or CrossCore Embedded Studio development environments for advanced application code development and debug, such as: Create, compile, assemble, and link application programs written in C++, C, and assembly Load, run, step, halt, and set breakpoints in application programs Read and write data and program memory Read and write core and peripheral registers


Part number: ADZS-U4050WL-EZKIT

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