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The ADTR1107 is a compact, 6 GHz to 18 GHz, front-end IC?with an integrated power amplifier, low noise amplifier (LNA), and a reflective single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch. These?integrated features make the device ideal for phased array antenna and radar applications. The front-end IC offers 25 dBm of saturated output power (PSAT) and 22?dB small signal gain in?transmit state, and 18 dB small signal gain and 2.5 dB noise figure in receive state. The device has a directional coupler for power detection. The input/outputs (I/Os) are internally matched to 50 ?. The ADTR1107 is supplied in a 5 mm ? 5 mm, 24-terminal, land grid array (LGA) package.Applications Phased array antenna Military radar Weather radar Communication links Electronic warfare


Part number: ADTR1107-EVALZ

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element14 APAC ADTR1107-EVALZ 4 * $1,034.41 Buy
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