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The AD9912 is a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) that features an integrated 14-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The AD9912 features a 48-bit frequency tuning word (FTW) that can synthesize frequencies in step sizes no larger than 4 ?Hz. Absolute frequency accuracy can be achieved by adjusting the DAC system clock.The AD9912 also features an integrated system clock phase-locked loop (PLL) that allows for system clock inputs as low as 25 MHz.The AD9912 operates over an industrial temperature range, spanning ?40?C to +85?C.APPLICATIONS Agile LO frequency synthesis Low jitter, fine tune clock generation Test and measurement equipment Wireless base stations and controllers Secure communications Fast frequency hopping


Part number: AD9912A/PCBZ

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DigiKey 505-AD9912A/PCBZ-ND 0 $672.08 Buy
Mouser Electronics 584-AD9912APCBZ 6 $744.23 Buy
Analog Devices Inc AD9912A/PCBZ $690.36 Buy
Win Source AD9912A/PCBZ 2200 Buy
element14 APAC AD9912A/PCBZ 2 * $737.38 Buy
Arrow North American Components AD9912A/PCBZ 0 $628.27 Buy
Farnell AD9912A/PCBZ 2 * $731.31 Buy
Newark AD9912A/PCBZ 3 $708.73 Buy
Verical Marketplace AD9912A/PCBZ 97 $757.27 Buy

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