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The AD9910 is a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) featuringan integrated 14-bit DAC and supporting sample rates up to1 GSPS. The AD9910 employs an advanced, proprietary DDStechnology that provides a significant reduction in power consumptionwithout sacrificing performance. The DDS/DACcombination forms a digitally programmable, high frequency,analog output synthesizer capable of generating a frequencyagile sinusoidal waveform at frequencies up to 400 MHz.The user has access to the three signal control parameters thatcontrol the DDS: frequency, phase, and amplitude. The DDSprovides fast frequency hopping and frequency tuning resolutionwith its 32-bit accumulator. With a 1 GSPS sample rate, thetuning resolution is ~0.23 Hz. The DDS also enables fast phaseand amplitude switching capability.The AD9910 is controlled by programming its internal controlregisters via a serial I/O port. The AD9910 includes an integratedstatic RAM to support various combinations of frequency, phase,and/or amplitude modulation. The AD9910 also supports a userdefined, digitally controlled, digital ramp mode of operation. Inthis mode, the frequency, phase, or amplitude can be variedlinearly over time. For more advanced modulation functions, ahigh speed parallel data input port is included to enable directfrequency, phase, amplitude, or polar modulation.The AD9910 is specified to operate over the extended industrialtemperature range.Applications Agile local oscillator (LO) frequency synthesis Programmable clock generators FM chirp source for radar and scanning systems Test and measurement equipment Acousto-optic device drivers Polar modulators Fast frequency hopping


Part number: AD9910/PCBZ

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