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The?AD8494/AD8495/AD8496/AD8497?are precision instrumentation amplifiers with thermocouple cold junction compensators on an integrated circuit. They produce a high level (5 mV/?C) output directly from a thermocouple signal by combining an ice point reference with a precalibrated amplifier. They can be used as standalone thermometers or as switched output setpoint controllers using either a fixed or remote setpoint control.The AD8494/AD8495/AD8496/AD8497 can be powered from a single-ended supply (less than 3 V) and can measure temperatures below 0?C by offsetting the reference input. To minimize self-heating, an unloaded AD849x typically operates with a total supply current of 180 ?A, but it is also capable of delivering in excess of ?5 mA to a load.The AD8494 and AD8496 are precalibrated by laser wafer trimming to match the characteristics of J type (iron-constantan) thermocouples; the AD8495 and AD8497 are laser trimmed to match the characteristics of K type (chromel-alumel) thermo-couples. See Table 1 on the data sheet for the optimized ambient temperature range of each part.The AD8494/AD8495/AD8496/AD8497 allow a wide variety of supply voltages. With a 5 V single supply, the 5 mV/?C output allows the devices to cover nearly 1000 degrees of a thermo-couple?s temperature range.The AD8494/AD8495/AD8496/AD8497 work with 3 V supplies, allowing them to interface directly to lower supply ADCs. They can also work with supplies as large as 36 V in industrial systems that require a wide common-mode input range.Product Highlights Complete, precision laser wafer trimmed thermocouple signal conditioning system in a single IC package. Flexible pinout provides for operation as a setpoint controller or as a standalone Celsius thermometer. Rugged inputs withstand 4 kV ESD and provide over-voltage protection (OVP) up to VS ? 25 V. Differential inputs reject common-mode noise on the thermocouple leads. Reference pin voltage can be offset to measure 0?C on single supplies. Available in a small, 8-lead MSOP that is fully RoHS compliant. Applications J type thermocouple temperature measurement Setpoint controller Celsius thermometer Universal cold junction compensator White goods (oven, stove top) temperature measurements Exhaust gas temperature sensing Catalytic converter temperature sensing div#landing_page_sec ul { padding:0 0 15px 10px; margin:0px; } div#landing_page_sec li { padding:3px 0 2px 20px; margin:0px; list-style:none; background:url(/static/imported-files/embedded_html/images/li_img.gif) no-repeat 7px 9px; display:block; color:#000000; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }


Part number: AD8496-EVALZ

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