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The AD8370 is a high performance, digitally controlled variable gain amplifier, designed to be used at IF frequencies within communication infrastructure equipment.The part provides two gain control ranges that are controlled through a three wire digital interface, and allow the user to attain fine gain control for maximum receiver sensitivity.The AD8370 has been fully specified for operation at common wireless IF frequencies 70 / 140 / 190 / 240 / 380MHz. The high output compression and fine gain control adjustability makes the AD8370 an ideal choice for to be used within digital receiver AGC circuits for GSM / CDMA2000 / W-CDMA cellular base stations.The AD8370 is fabricated on an advanced silicon bipolar process, operating on a single 3 or 5 volt supply, packaged in space saving 16-lead thin shrunk small outline (TSSOP) package and fully specified over the ?40 to +85 C temperature range. AvailabilitySamples AD8370ARU and an evaluation boards AD8370-EVAL are available.Other Wireless VGA products:AD8367 - 45dB, 500MHz Single Ended, Analog Controlled VGAAD8369 ? 45dB, 600MHz Differential, 3dB Step Digitally Controlled VGA


Part number: AD8370-EVALZ

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