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The AD8332 is a dual channel ultralow noise, linear-in-dB, variable gain amplifier (VGA). Optimized for ultrasound systems, they are usable as a low noise variable gain element at frequencies up to 120 MHz.Included in each channel are an ultralow noise preamplifier (LNA), an X-AMP? VGA with 48 dB of gain range, and a selectable gain postamplifier with adjustable output limiting. The LNA gain is 19 dB with a single-ended input and differential outputs. Using a single resistor, the LNA input impedance can be adjusted to match a signal source without compromising noise performance.The 48 dB gain range of the VGA makes these devices suitable for a variety of applications. Excellent bandwidth uniformity is maintained across the entire range. The gain control interface provides precise linear-in-dB scaling of 50 dB/V for control voltages between 40 mV and 1 V. Factory trim ensures excellent part-to-part and channel-to-channel gain matching. Differential signal paths result in superb second- and third-order distortion performance and low crosstalk.The operating temperature range is -40?C to +85?C. The AD8332 is available in a 28-lead TSSOP and 32-lead LFCSP packages.The AD8332 is a dual version of the single AD8331 and quad AD8334.Applications Ultrasound and sonar time-gain controls High performance automatic gain control (AGC) systems I/Q signal processing High speed, dual ADC drivers


Part number: AD8332-EVALZ

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