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The AD8310 is a complete, dc to 440 MHz demodulating logarithmic amplifier (log amp) with a very fast voltage mode output, capable of driving up to 25 mA into a grounded load in under 15 ns. It uses the progressive compression (successive detection) technique to provide a dynamic range of up to 95 dB to ?3 dB law conformance or 90 dB to a ?1 dB error bound up to 100 MHz. It is extremely stable and easy to use, requiring no significant external components. A single-supply voltage of 2.7 V to 5.5 V at 8 mA is needed, corresponding to a power consumption of only 24 mW at 3 V. A fast-acting CMOS-compatible enable pin is provided.Each of the six cascaded amplifier/limiter cells has a small-signal gain of 14.3 dB, with a ?3 dB bandwidth of 900 MHz. A total of nine detector cells are used to provide a dynamic range that extends from ?91 dBV (where 0 dBV is defined as the amplitude of a 1 V rms sine wave), an amplitude of about ?40 ?V, up to +4 dBV (or ?2.2 V). The demodulated output is accurately scaled, with a log slope of 24 mV/dB and an intercept of ?108 dBV. The scaling parameters are supply- and temperature-independent.The fully differential input offers a moderately high impedance (1 k? in parallel with about 1 pF). A simple network can match the input to 50 ? and provide a power sensitivity of ?78 dBm to +17 dBm. The logarithmic linearity is typically within ?0.4 dB up to 100 MHz over the central portion of the range, but it is somewhat greater at 440 MHz. There is no minimum frequency limit; the AD8310 can be used down to low audio frequencies. Special filtering features are provided to support this wide range.The output voltage runs from a noise-limited lower boundary of 400 mV to an upper limit within 200 mV of the supply voltage for light loads. The slope and intercept can be readily altered using external resistors. The output is tolerant of a wide variety of load conditions and is stable with capacitive loads of 100 pF.The AD8310 provides a unique combination of low cost, small size, low power consumption, high accuracy and stability, high dynamic range, a frequency range encompassing audio to UHF, fast response time, and good load-driving capabilities, making this product useful in numerous applications that require the reduction of a signal to its decibel equivalent.The AD8310 is available in the industrial temperature range of ?40?C to +85?C in an 8-lead MSOP package.Applications Conversion of signal level to decibel form Transmitter antenna power measurement Receiver signal strength indication (RSSI) Low cost radar and sonar signal processing Network and spectrum analyzers Signal-level determination down to 20 Hz True-decibel ac mode for multimeters


Part number: AD8310-EVALZ

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