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The AD8003 is a triple ultrahigh speed current feedback amplifier. Using ADI?s proprietary eXtra Fast Complementary Bipolar (XFCB) process, the AD8003 achieves a bandwidth of 1.5 GHz and a slew rate of 4300 V/?s. Additionally, the amplifier provides excellent dc precision with an input bias current of 50 ?A maximum and a dc input voltage of 0.7 mV.The AD8003 has excellent video specifications with a frequency response that remains flat out to 190 MHz and 0.1% settling within 12 ns to ensure that even the most demanding video systems maintain excellent fidelity. For applications that use NTSC video, as well as high speed video, the amplifier provides a differential gain of 0.05% and a differential gain of 0.01?.The AD8003 amplifier is available in a compact 4 mm ? 4 mm, 24-lead LFCSP_VQ. The AD8003 is rated to work over the industrial temperature range of -40?C to +85?C.


Part number: AD8003ACP-EBZ

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