TIPD164 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Analog Input Module for Industrial Outputs and Temperature Sensors Reference Design


This TI Designs: Precision Verified design implements an analog input module for industrial voltages: currents: and temperature sensors.  For industrial outputs: the possible input ranges include: 4-20 mA: 0-20 mA: +/-25 mA: 0-5 V: 0-10 V: +/-5 V: +/-10 V. The design includes conditioning and level-shift circuitry which converts the large industrial outputs into a proper input range for a +5V delta-sigma ADC. The ADC has features to directly acquire information from the RTD and thermocouple sensors over their full temperature range.

  • TI Designs - Precision: Verified Design includes Theory: Component Selection: TINA-TI Simulation: PCB Schematic & Layout: Bill of Materials: and Measured Performance.Voltage Input Range:  +/-10V: 0-10V: +/-5V: 0-5VCurrent Input Range:  +/-24mA: 0-20mA: 4-20mA3-Wire RTD Temperature Range:  -200 - 850 °CThermocouple Range:  -210 - 1190 °CThermocouple Cold Junction Compensation Range:  0 - 50 °C
  • Electronic thermometer
  • Three phase UPS
  • Automotive test equipment
  • Injection molding machine
  • Weight module
  • AC drive control module
  • AC drive communication module
  • Single phase online UPS
  • DC analog input/output module
  • Industrial robot I/O module
  • Servo drive communication module
  • Temperature controller
  • Clinical digital thermometer
  • Three phase UPS control & communication module
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  • Amplifiers


Part Number Name Companion Part
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INA826 INA826 Buy Datasheet
REF5025 REF5025 Buy Datasheet


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